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Old California license plates, YOM stickers and decals, Year of Manufacture tabs, metal frames, and toppers for sale! We have auto, trailer, motorcycle, and commercial license plates available to buy.

We also have old Florida license plates and tags from the 1960's and 1970's, and several types of novelty front auto plates for your classic Buick, Jeep, AMC, Mopar, Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Studebaker.

We have two websites to choose from. In addition to this website, we have more of our YOM, vintage, and New Old Stock plates, stickers, and tabs, listed at our Ruby Lane website (a collection of online shops selling antiques and collectibles):

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Many of our vintage California stickers and tabs can be used with the California Year of Manufacture Program (YOM): using old California plates and tags that match up with the model year of your vehicle; 1969 and older cars are eligible; 1972 and older commercial pick-ups are also eligible. You'll need a "clear" set of base plates, and an old sticker or metal year tab that matches the year of your vehicle.

 If you live in Florida, you may be interested in the Authenticated License Plate Program, which allows some vintage Florida license plates and tags to be used on vehicles from the 1960's and early 1970's - and we have several automobile and motorcycle plates that may be eligible for that program. 

 Please feel free to call us at 503-585-3497, if you have any questions! Please note: we are not set up to make plates (all of our novelty plates were purchased over the years).

 Website updated May 25, 2016.